The Window Of Our Lives

  By Joann Ryan-Stanley

Let Us Strive To Get Beyond

The Ordinary Cloister Of Our Lives

Where Time Can Stand Still And Loneliness Thrives

Look Outside The Window Of Your World

Live Life At This Moment

Through This Looking Glass Of Life

Where So Much Life Resides

We Can Choose To Take Peaks Occasionally

Or Jump Into Life

From The Inside Out

It Waits Patiently For Us

To Show Us The Way

The Gentle Rising Of A Newborn Day

Etched On God’s Color Palette

Painting The Sky

The Gentle Call Of Nature To Arise

And We Are Gifted To See It All

Before Our Eyes

The Simplicity Of Nature

As It Embraces Every Day

And The Wonder Of The Skies

As They Daily Show The Way

Nature Is Saying God Has Given You A Gift

As We Have Never Been Here Before

It’s Made For Times Like This

Open Your Eyes and Your Heart Every Day

To See All The Great Beauty

On This Planet We Call Earth

God’s Given You This Gift

To Enrich Your Life And Give You Comfort

Through God’s Window Outside...

Joann Ryan-Stanley Copyright 2021