The Christmas Light

The Christmas Light

By Joann Ryan-Stanley

Long Ago His Journey Into This Life

Had Already Been Foretold

As The Day Began To Fade

A Woman And Her Husband

Looked For A Restful Place To Stay

The Child She Was Heavy With

Was Waiting To Be Born

To Shine His Light On All Of Us

With Love Forever More

A Manger Filled With Lamb's And Hay

Parted It's Door's As They Came It's Way

And This Place Was To Be A Place Of Birth

Of This Blessed Child

Who Had Come To Earth

A Labor Of Love

Of Priceless Worth

His Cry Rang Out For All To Hear

This Child And Savior Was Loved So Dear 

He Was Wrapped In Clothes That Swaddled Him

And Kept Close To His Mother's Chest

While His Father Protected Him

And The Lamb's Closed Their Eyes

And Laid Down To Rest

His Newborn Eye's Closed Tight That Night

His Tired Infant Body Sighed

He Needed To Rest

I'll Sleep Upon My Earthly Bed

Tommorrow I'll Rise

A New Day Dawned

And He Took A Deep Breath

To Start His New Life

To Take His First Step's

To Teach Us To Be Better

And Filled With His Love

And This Is How He Started

With A Light From Above

To Teach Us All

 How To Love...

Copyright Joann Ryan-Stanley 2020