A Mother’s Heart

By Joann Ryan-Stanley

If Today We Looked Inside Our Heart

Its Contents Would Reveal

Just How Much We Feel

About Our Life And Family

And All The Love That We’ve Received

That Has Filled Our Every Need

In Each Corner Of Our Heart

Is Where Our Children Dwell

Some Still To Grow

And Some Steady On Their Feet By Now

To Those We Birthed

And To Those We Embraced

To Those Who Stepped Into Our Heart

And Those Who Went Home To God

Before Their Time Was Done

Each One Of You Opened Your Heart To Us

And Loved Us More Than We Could Ever Know

Our Grandchildren And Great Ones Too

Our Love Is With All Of You

For All These Gifts Of Life

Our Heart Does Overflow

For Our Family And Friends

Embracing Them Throughout All Time

They Have Gotten Us Through This Life

With Love From Beginning To End

Our Furry Friends Who Walked By Our Side

And Made This Life A Joyful Ride

For All Of You We Love You So

You Filled Our Heart’s With Love

You’ve Made Each Day A Mother’s Day

As We Journey Throughout Our Lives…

Copyright Joann Ryan-Stanley 2021