The Prism Of The Heart

The Prism Of The Heart

By Joann Ryan-Stanley

Today As We Rise

We Need To Go Inside Ourselves

And Realize The Bright Prism Of Our Heart

Is A Reflection Of God’s Love

That Dwells Within Each One Of Us

The Light and Love That We Give To Other’s

Beckons Back Into Our Own Heart

That Beats With A Heavenly Glow

This Gift From God

Magnifies The Presence Of God’s Love

In Each Person We Love

Each Person We Know

For It Is In The Trying To Love

In Spite Of The Fact We’re Not Perfect Or Strong

For It Is In The Rising The Reaching

In Spite Of The Hardships Of Our Live’s

It Calls Us To Use The Gift God’s Given Us

In The Possibilities Of Each Day

To Find A Way To Use

A Reflection Of God’s Unlimited Love

Given To Us From Above

That’s Within Our Heart

To Reflect and Show The World

How To Love…

Copyright Joann Ryan-Stanley 2021