Oh The Rescue

By Joann Ryan-Stanley

I Knew That When I Saw You

And You Looked Into My Eyes

We Had A Great Connection

As Good As Apple Pie

The Drive Home Was A Good One

You Had Me At Hello

And Your Back Seat Overseeing

Was The Only Way To Go

The Front Door Opened Widely

We Were Home At Last You See

And You Jumped Up On My Lap

And We Were Both So Happy

We Looked Into Each Other’s Eye’s

As If We’d Met A Friend

And The Tear’s Rolled Down Both Our Cheek’s

And Our Hearts Were Full Again

Oh The Rescue

Oh The Rescue

It’s Been Many Year’s Since That Day

We Took A Chance On Us

Your Paw Reached Out And Held My Hand

And I Knew We’d Be Enough

Now Every Day That Comes And Goes

I Count My Lucky Star’s

For The Love You’ve Brought Into My Life

Is Warmer Than The Sun

Oh The Rescue

  Oh The Rescue…

Copyright Joann Ryan-Stanley 2021

Dedicated To All Who Have Ever Rescued A Furry Friend In Need