Be Like The Trees

By Joann Ryan-Stanley

Oh Trees You Beautiful Gifts Of The Earth

Teach Us The Wisdom That You Hold

On How To Approach Our Own Life

Given To Us In The Reflection Of Yours

Trees Choose To Sway In The Wind With A Gentle Caress

Letting Each Other Know They’ve Got This

When The Storms Of Life Tear Through Their Lives

Tree’s Shelter One Another In The Soil Of Life

Supporting Their Family And Friends Throughout Time

Holding On Throughout Their Lives

With Their Deeply Held Roots

Taking Care Of The Large And The Small

And Being Patient With Some Young Sprouts

Who Need More Time To Grow

The Gift Of Their Wisdom Is A Gift To Us All

Given To Us In The Reflection Of Their Lives

And When Our Days On Earth Are Finished

And The Rings Around Our Lives Are Well-Formed

They’ll Be Young Sprouts To Grow Up

That We Have Birthed

To Complete Our Circle Of Life On This Earth…

Copyright Joann Ryan-Stanley 2021