Our Hearts Desire

By Joann Ryan-Stanley

As I Was Splitting Wood This Morning

For The Morning Fire

I Paused And Thought Of You Lord

You Are Our Heart's Desire

You Reach Into Our Heart Lord

And Become A Part Of Us

At These Times Of Isolation

Your Comfort Gives Us Peace

To Help Us With Our Daily Lives

And Work That Needs To Be Done

There’s No Task We Can’t Accomplish

For We Are Not by Ourselves You See

As You Follow Us Throughout Our Day

Your Love and Light Does Light Our Way

Your Shoulder We Can Lean

On When We Need To Talk To Thee

We Close Our Eyes When Evening Comes

Looking Forward To The Next Day’s Dawning

Knowing We Are Not Alone You See

For You Lord Are Waiting Patiently...

      ©Joann Ryan-Stanley 2021