We Must Learn To Forgive

By Joann Ryan-Stanley

One Of The Hardest Lessons On Earth

Is In Our Very Core

Turning Anger Into Forgiveness

And Forgiveness Into Love

Anger Can Burn With It's Great Presence

As We Go Through Our Daily Lives

It Can Overshadow Everything

If We Continue To Breath It’s Fire

It Hound’s Us In The Middle Of Our Sleep

Wakes Us Up And Makes Us Weep

And We Can Go Throughout Our Lives

Forgetting To Forgive Ourselves

The Burden Of Not Forgiving

Is Too Heavy For Our Soul

Which Cries Out Daily To Release This

Please Please Let It Go

One Day We Will Awaken

As If We Have Been Living A Bad Dream

Some Of Us Learn This Early

Others’ Later It Seems

If We Step Into The Ethers

Where Our Soul Does So Reside

And Realize This Hurt We’re Carrying

Is Eating At Our Lives

We Have A Choice

Reach Out, Forgive, Let Go Of Past Hurts Be

Your Soul Was Meant For Lightness

Not Heavy Dark And Mean

The Moment You Release

And Say The Words "I Forgive "

A Shudder Of Light And Love

Sent From God Above

Will Lighten Your Heart

And Peace Will Warm Your Soul...

Copyright Joann Ryan-Stanley 2021  

www. poetryheart1.com