Love And Light

By Joann Ryan-Stanley 

As Our Earthly Body Slips Away

When Our Time Has Come

Your Light Lord Will Overwhelm Our Earth Born Eyes

And Lovingly Guide Us Home

Your Loving Arms Will Hold Us Closer

Than We Could Have Ever Known

And You Will Cast Your Loving Gaze Our Way

And Say I’ve Held You Forever

From The Moment Of Your Birth

I Have Waited Patiently

As You Went About Your Day’s On Earth

You’ve Learned Life’s Lessons Of Peace And Care

Comfort and Compassion and Unconditional Love

You Reached Out To Me When Trying Times Arose

Your Faith Has Never Wavered

It’s Strengthened Each Day

Now I Welcome You Home To Heaven Above

A Sacred Place Of God’s Love And Light....

     Copyright Joann Ryan-Stanley 2021