By Joann Ryan-Stanley

Thank You God For Loving Me

As I Strive To Improve My Imperfect Self

Thank You For Always Listening To My Prayer’s And Pleas

Without Passing Judgement On Myself

Thank You For Your Patience

As I Go Throughout The Day

Sometimes Restless With Decisions

I Ask You To Guide My Way

Thank You For Being There

At Times When Loneliness Abounds

My Thoughts And Deeds Do Not Fall On Deaf Ears

As I Know You’ll Always Hear

Thank You For Your Calmness

You Give Me At Trying Times

And The Relaxation That Comes My Way

When I Turn My Life Over To Your Eyes

Not A Day Or Night Goes By

Your Always By My Side

Thank You God For Being In My Life

You Make Me Feel At Home…

Copyright Joann Ryan-Stanley 2021