I Will Never Leave You

By Joann Ryan-Stanley

These Current Days Seem So Fraught With Fear

Our Hearts Are Heavy With Worry And Concern

Our Inner Compass Is Spinning

And We Feel So Alone

And If We Listen With Our Hearts

We Will Hear This Sound

The Sound Of Hope And Compassion

And Strength To Help You Through

I Will Never Leave You

I Will Always Be By Your Side

I Will Always Comfort You

In Times Of Need And Strife

I Will Always Listen

To The Troubles That You May Have

I Will Never Leave You

Your Heart Beats In My Hand

When You Are Worn And Weary

And The Days Are Long And Hard

I Will Carry You Upon My Shoulders

So You Can See More Clearly

That Life Is Not Now Over

These Things That Are Affecting You

Are A Testament To This Time

Will You Reach Out And Take My Hand

Or Let Hardness Rule Your Life

I Am With You Always

Waiting Patiently By Your Side

No Matter What Life Brings Your Way

I Will Be Your Guide

Reach Out Release And Take My Hand

For I Can Help You So

For In The End I’m There For You

And I Will Not Let You Go… Jesus

    ©Joann Ryan-Stanley 2020