A Mother’s Prayer

By Joann Ryan-Stanley

The Day Turns Into Night

As She Sits Upon Her Porch

Her Work Is Done Her Day’s Complete

But There’s One Last Prayer She Needs To Make

Her Well Worn Hands Begin To Pray

As She Reaches Towards The Sky

Her Heartfelt Prayer Reaches Up To God

Who Hears Her From On High

Who Reaches Down To Give Her Comfort

As She Prays A Mothers Prayer

Dear God Please Guide My Children Day By Day

Protect And Help Them Throughout Their Life

Keep My Loved One’s Safe From Harm

Give Them Comfort And Make Them Strong

And Grant Them Love Along Life’s Way

Deliver Them From The Trials Of Life That Come

And Surround Them With Your Love and Light From Beyond

Watch Over My Family As Only You Can

From Heavens Front Door

With A Father’s Eye..

Copyright Joann Ryan-Stanley 2021