Heaven's Front Door

By Joann Ryan-Stanley

Do We Even Have To Knock

Do We Even Have To Shout

Is Anybody Home Is Anyone About

Are The Lights On

Is The Alarm Off

Are The Archangels There Keeping Other’s Out

It’s All Up To Us You See

How We Want To Live Our Own Lives

How We Want To Be

For We Hold That Key By Our Actions Here On Earth

Given By God From The Start Of Our Birth

As We Pause And Stand Before Heaven's Front Door

We May Ask Ourselves Am I Worthy Or Must I Wait

With My Time On Earth Did I Love Enough

Did I Care Enough And Treat People With Worth

Did I Stop The Hurt I Was Causing Other's

Or Did I just Proliferate Pain And Fear Instead Of Love

Did I Help The Weak The Old And The Young

When They Reached Out Their Hand’s Because They Had None

Was I Gentle To The Earth And The Animals Too

Or Did I Just Turn My Back And Say

"' It’s All About Me Not You" 

My Eyes Catch A Glimpse Of A Sign On Heaven's Door

It Tugs At My heart And It Evens The Score

It’s Message Is Clear To My Heart And My Soul

        For It Reads

"No Matter What Your Beliefs Or Creed

Love One Another As I Have Loved You”

Copyright Joann Ryan-Stanley 2021