The Dawning Of The Third Day

By Joann Ryan-Stanley

When Jesus’s Sacred Body Was Laid To Rest

He Was Placed On A Cold Hard Stone Of Death

A Boulder Was Rolled Tightly Closed

And Darkness Filled Its Space

The Angels Who Were Present With Baby Jesus At His Birth

Never Left His Side As He Walked Upon The Earth

They Now Gathered Around Beloved Jesus

And Their Angelic Light Brightened The Darkness

God’s Love and Protection Warmed Jesus’s Tomb

Who Had Come To This Earth And Had Given His Life

Two Night’s Passed And On The Third Day’s Dawning

The Brightest Light From Heaven Filled His Tomb

His Resurrected Body Had Been Renewed

Jesus Rose Up And The Angels Bowed Down

And His Tomb’s Burial Stone Was Thrown To The Ground

Changing The World Forever

By His Resurrection And His Love…

Copyright Joann Ryan-Stanley 2021