America My Beloved

By Joann Ryan-Stanley

Tuesday, September 11th

Her Fabric Was Ripped And Torn

America Fell To Her Knees

And Said, “I Have Been Scorned”

The Scars Etched Deep

Within Her Gut, She Writhed

And Then Stood Up

She Looked Down

And Saw Her Strength

It Was In Her People

And She Began To Think

She Looked Up

And Called To God

Who Bound Her Wounds

And Made Her Spirit Strong

And She Cried Out, “I’m Still Here,

I Did Not Die, I Will Go On!”

She Gathered Her Robes

Around Her Shores,

And The People She Loved

Loved Her Even More

America Marches On

Proud Brave And Free

A Stronger America

Lives In You And Me…

Copyright Joann Ryan-Stanley 2001