The Captain Of Our Life

By Joann Ryan-Stanley

The Seas Of Life Are Sometimes Calm

At Other Times We’re Tossed About

Our Life’s Compass Tilts In All Directions

And Sometimes We Feel So Lost

Life’s Waves May Try To Engulf Us

And Overwhelm Ourselves

Our Heart Cries Out To You Lord

And Our Eyes Look Towards Your Home

And Shining Through The Storm's Of Life

We See Heaven’s Bright Light 

For You Lord  Are The Captain Of Our Life

Your Calming Presence Envelopes Us

And Our Peace Is Restored

Our Heartbeat Softens And Fills With Your Light

You Rescue Us From The Storms Of Life

Your Presence Gives Us Peace And Direction

For You Lord Are Our Compass

As We Travel Through Our Course Of Life…

Copyright Joann Ryan-Stanley 2021