As I Open The Gates Of Heaven


     By Joann Ryan-Stanley

Don’t Weep Don’t Cry I Did Not Die

I Am Forever In Your Heart

There’s Nothing To Keep Us Apart

Our Love Has Held The Bonds

That Transcends Every Dawn

When The Missing Get's Too Much

I Will Hold Your Hand And Let You Know

I Am Here In The Beauty Of A Newborn Day

In The Essence Of A Newborn’s Cry

In The Effervescence Of Laughter Out Loud

That Bubbles Up From Your Belly Inside

The Song Of God’s Bird’s Singing

As They Brighten Your Day

The Sound Of The Waves

As They Crash Upon The Bay

As A Butterfly Skirts Across The Land

And Lands Softly Upon Your Hand

I Will Be There

Through The Bright Days Of Life’s Summer’s

And The Dark Days Of Winter’s Slumber

I Will Be There

We Have Spent What Lifetime

We Have Been Given

Tied With The Bonds Of Love

Given To Us From God Above

It Was Our Destiny

To Be Our Best in Every Way

Strong With The Bonds

That Binds Us Forever With Love

Be It Wife And Mother

Or Husband And Father

Brother Sister Son Or Daughter

Child And Family Friend Or Other

All Who I've Hugged And Loved

For You Are Forever With Me

As I With You

Always In My Heart And Soul

As I Open The Gates Of Heaven…

Copyright Joann Ryan-Stanley 2021