My Hand Me Down Christmas

By Joann Ryan-Stanley

My Hand Me Down Christmas

Means The Most To Me This Year

No Store Bought Price

Just Filled With Love

From All My Loved One’s Hand Me Down Years

The Ornaments Placed On The Tree

Have Passed Through Generations

Until They Got To Me

They Contain The Memories Of Far Off Times

The Hardships The Wars

And The Ups And Downs Of Life

They Hung Them On Their Trees

And Gave Them Love And Light

My Hand Me Down Ornaments

Fill Me With Strength

For The Ones Who Came Before

Knew I Would Need Them Some Day

For The Times When Life Changed

And We Needed To Pray

So This Year Deck Your Home With Every Ornament You Have

That Tells The Stories Of Generations

Who Have Walked Life’s Path

And The Glint Of Light On The Ornament Oh So Bright

Is A Message From Heaven It Will Be Alright…

Copyright Joann Ryan-Stanley 2021