Mother Earth

 By Joann Ryan-Stanley

Mother Earth Reaches Out To Each Of Us

And Looks Within Our Soul

With Her Great Liquid Blue Eyes

And Powdered White Skies

She Tells Us Her Story That We All Need To Know

Please Children Hear Me Now

I Will Be Able To Care For You

If You Are Able To Care For Me

Respecting Each Other Eternally

Your Time On This Earth May Be Running Out

With Climate Change I Am Having To Carry

A Heavy Load All By Myself

My Mountain’s Shoulders Are Losing Their Snow

And The Artic Icebergs

That Crowned My Head And Toes

Are Melting Causing My Water’s To Rise

And Flood The Ground

Right Before Our Eyes

My Eyes Burn From Caustic Fumes

And Your Fouling The Air I Cannot Renew

I Need You To Please Care For Me

For I Am Your Only Earth Mother You See

Working Together With Your Care And Support

I Can Be Whole Once Again

Because You Love Me

As I Love You…

Copyright Joann Ryan-Stanley 2021