When You’ve Been Touched By God

By Joann Ryan-Stanley

Reflect On The Times When You’ve Needed God’s Help

As You’ve Gone Through Your Life

Or When You’ve Lost Yourself

When Younger Choices Meant Life And Death

And Older Choices Wouldn’t Let You Rest

The Times When Your Troubles Were So Rough

You Couldn’t Pay Your Rent

Or Your Food Wasn’t Enough

Saved From The Times You Almost Died

And Woke Up Feeling Such Joy Inside

When You Were Lost And Alone

You Called Out To God

And God Heard Your Prayer

And Filled Your Heart Up

With Hope And With Love

And Gave You Strength And Purpose

To Help You Rise Above

Times Such As These

Show God’s Presence In Your Life

In Every Direction God Has Been By Your Side

Reflected In The Hearts Of All Who Believe

So Travel Through Your Life With Ease

Aware That The Reflection Of God’s Presence

Is God’s Gift To Thee…

Copyright Joann Ryan-Stanley 2021